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Power Rental for Mining

Aggreko precisely understands the needs of the mining industry.  Increasingly called upon to provide power rental solutions for mining projects, we understand that no two mining projects are the same. Through our experience, we have gained invaluable knowledge to effectively tailor the temporary power solution to the specific requirements of your mining project.

Applications of Aggreko Rental Power Services

  • Temporary power for mine construction
  • Rental power for accommodation and support facilities
  • Remote mine power where grid supply is unavailable or unreliable
  • Early power before grid supply or main power plant is installed
  • Mobile power packages for shovel walks to a new production area
  • Supplemental power during upgrades or expansions of mine
  • Emergency breakdown coverage

Benefits of Utilizing Aggreko Rental Power

  • Aggreko temporary power equipment is designed to operate in harsh environments and in extreme climate conditions, including sub zero temperatures.
  • Our rental power solutions come with the flexibility to accommodate the fluctuations in your power requirements over the life cycle of your mining project. 
  • Temporary power plants can be operational on-site within a matter of days.
  • Not only do we provide you with specialized rental equipment, we can also engineer and design integrated solutions to meet your exact power needs.
  • Along with the power generation equipment, Aggreko can also supply large fuel storage tanks to facilitate storage of fuel on site.

No Capital Expenditure with Aggreko Rental Power

Aggreko power solutions impact positively on the cash flow of your mining project by providing an alternative to making up-front capital expenditures in purchasing power equipment.  Renting a power plant releases the miner from the costs and administration associated with plant ownership.

Rental Heating and Cooling Also Available

In addition to meeting your temporary power needs, Aggreko also offers a range of rental heating and cooling equipment for the mining industry.  Applications include ventilation of underground mines, process cooling, can heating/cooling for employee accommodations.

Case Studies Specific to the Mining Industry:

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