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Power for Shaft Sinking Operation at a Copper and Gold Mine

Ivanhoe mine, Mongolia

The Ivanhoe Mine required a reliable power supply during the construction phase of the Oyu Tolgoi mine, projected to be the second largest copper and gold mine in the world when completed. The site, in the middle of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, is one of the most remote places on earth with very harsh climatic conditions featuring both dust and snowstorms with temperatures ranging from – 40°C to + 30°C. With no utility power available during the early stages of the project, the client needed reliable temporary power to carry out shaft sinking operations to facilitate underground mining.

Aggreko Solution

Aggreko supplied a 6MW / 10kV temporary power package that included diesel generators, transformers, cables, panels and other ancillary items to power the hoists for sinking shafts into the ground. Aggreko’s contract included the design, supply, installation, commissioning and operation of the power plant to provide a complete turnkey solution. Aggreko’s engineers configured the equipment to withstand and operate in the harsh environment that blew dust in summer and snow in winter.

Why was Aggreko Selected?

Aggreko worked with the client from the feasibility stage of the project to understand the specific requirements of the contract. Through its previous contracts in the mining sector, Aggreko demonstrated its experience and technical capability to engineer and operate a reliable and uninterrupted power supply under some of the harshest climatic conditions in the world.