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Rental Heat Exchangers

Sometimes, the optimal method to heat or cool a process or a fluid is not through direct contact, but with rental heat exchangers that keep the process fluids separate while allowing energy to be transferred.

Temporary heat exchangers available for your specific processes

Aggreko addresses these specific needs with a line of skid-mounted rental heat exchangers in shell-and-tube or shell-and-plate designs. These units are constructed of carbon, food-grade stainless steel, nonferrous metals, or polymers.   Choice of material construction is based on usage, with a sanitary design available that allows for usage in high-purity applications.

Specialized Rental Heat Exchangers from Aggreko

  • Heat exchange area ranges from 175 to 7,200 square feet
  • Are cleaned and tested after each use
  • Are rated 35 bar (500 psi) and 500°F
  • Can be used to extend the operating parameters of pressure or fluid-related processes.

Visit our Solutions Library to read case studies of processes utilizing specialized rental heat exchangers.

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