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Natural Gas Generator Rentals available in Canada

Aggreko has become the world’s leading supplier of temporary and portable rental generators. Today, Aggreko now offers a range of cost-effective natural gas generators in Canada for rent. Whether you need a few hundred kilowatts of additional power or a multi-megawatt power plant, our gas generators can deliver the rental power solution your business needs. Portable natural gas generators offer you reliable rental power while putting less strain on the environment. Aggreko generators are designed in-house and purpose-built to be highly reliable for rental power applications.

Large-Scale Natural gas generator rentals are cost-efficient

  • Highly efficient gas engine technology
  • Eliminates the need for large capital expenditure
  • Turn-key service reduces operation and maintenance expenses

Natural gas generators provide additional flexibility

  • Natural gas generators can be utilized in parallel with the grid supply, in island mode or for a dedicated special purpose loads
  • Standardized design around 20-foot ISO containers allows rapid mobilization, easy transportation and flexible installation
  • Modular unit configurations allow easy increase or decrease of installed plant capacity and cost-effective redundancy levels for guaranteed power delivery

Natural gas generators – less impact on the environment

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Low-exhaust gas emissions without using expensive after-treatment devices
  • Weather protected and sound attenuated package
  • Save-all containment base—prevents spillage of engine fluids
  • No special site preparation or foundations required

Portable natural gas generators – proven performance and reliability 

  • Available now for rent in Canada
  • Each natural gas generator is equipped with remote monitoring to aid in performance and reliability
  • Proven and time tested ‘Lean Burn’ gas engine technology
  • Ability to operate in extreme ambient temperatures
  • A single, fully-integrated advanced control system
  • Extended service intervals ensure high availability of equipment

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