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Electrical Distribution Rental

Aggreko’s high-performance electrical distribution rental equipment is dependable and precisely matched with our portable power delivery systems.  Get the most out of your rental generator with electrical distribution rentals, including panel boards, transformers, and switchboards from Aggreko.

Rental panel boards, transformers, and more for all your electrical distribution needs

No matter the size or requirements of your rental power application, Aggreko’s experience in managing temporary power installations gives us the background to design and install the solution you need.  Our electrical distribution equipment meets all major industry standards and are NEMA 3R rated and UL-listed.

Rental Electrical Distribution Offerings:

Rental Transformers

Constructed to meet the rigorous demands of every industry, our rental transformers are custom-built, weatherproof, plugged, and castered.  Available in both low and high-voltage varieties, our portable transformers come in sizes up to 6,250kVA.

Electrical Panel Rentals

Aggreko’s weatherproof electrical panel rentals are designed to be portable and come with wheels, lifts, and eyes.  They are range in size from 100 to 2,000 amps and offer GFCI (residual current device) protection on our receptacles. 

Switchboard Rentals

For connections directly to utilities, our rental switchboards come in 2,000 and 3,000amp sizes.  And to provide ease of access to circuit breakers and switches, the panels section has an I-line design.  These switchboard rentals are available with lugged inputs and outputs as well as sturdy enclosures with forklift slots.

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